Pet Vaccinations At Fallbrook Animal Hospital

Vaccinating your pet helps protect them against potentially deadly diseases.

Pet Vaccination

Our primary goal is to keep your pet happy and healthy for as long as possible so you can enjoy many years together. That’s why we emphasize the importance of preventative care, which includes cat and dog vaccinations.

Pet Vaccination Service

Pet vaccines have proven to be an effective way to keep pets healthier over the course of their lives. Keeping your pet current on their vaccinations is an essential step to keeping them free from serious and potentially-fatal viruses and diseases.

Here’s how vaccines work: pet vaccines contain antigens, which mimic a disease-causing organism without actually causing your pet any harm. These antigens stimulate your pet’s immune system and prompt a mild immune response. If your pet is exposed to the disease at a later date, their immune system will be better equipped to recognize and combat the contagion. With this additional layer of protection in place, your pet should be able to fight the illness. This reduced immune response also helps your pet rapidly recover from the disease.