Pet Diagnostic Testing At Fallbrook Animal Hospital

Diagnostics are an integral part of veterinary medicine, and we place a strong emphasis on utilizing exceptional diagnostic tools at our animal hospital in Fallbrook.

Pet Diagnostic Testing

Fallbrook Animal Hospital has a fully functional on-site laboratory and cutting-edge diagnostic tools. We are eager to acquire a thorough assessment of your pet’s health as soon as we can.

Vet checking a puppy

We have a wide selection of the newest surgical and diagnostic tools. This aids in offering important information for:

  • Identification of particular illnesses and circumstances
  • Evaluating the success of the treatment
  • Before a general anesthetic is administered, the patient’s health is evaluated
  • Geriatric and senior health exams


Due to the substantial laboratory facilities we have on-site, we can often provide findings for blood tests that are quite urgent. Similar to what your own doctor does, we send samples for other tests, including serology, microbiology, and histopathology, to a nearby pathology lab that specializes in those types of procedures and has quick turnaround times for results.

While you wait during the consultation, we frequently undertake standard microscopy on blood, skin, ear, urine, and fecal samples to help us with the proper diagnosis and treatment of your pet’s problem.


We offer the most modern equipment to take high-quality diagnostic digital x-rays safely and pleasantly on-site at the hospital if your animal needs an x-ray. All of our radiographs are reviewed by a visiting radiologist who offers further professional judgment.


If your pet needs one, our visiting specialist ultrasonographer can conduct a professional doppler ultrasonography examination (abdominal, cardiac, or ophthalmic) as part of a full diagnostic workup.

The use of ultrasound in veterinary medicine has increased recently since it is a very informative, non-invasive, and painless method.