Pet Spaying and Neutering At Fallbrook Animal Hospital

Spaying and neutering your new furry baby or an older pet you may have adopted eliminates a slew of health issues.

Pet Spaying and Neutering

It’s important to spay or neuter your pet regardless of their age. Lengthen their life by using our spay or neuter services, and keep the animal overpopulation problem at bay.

Vet examining a dog in pain

By having your pet spayed or neutered, you can avoid everything from cancer to aggressive and roving behavior. Male pets can acquire testicular cancer, while female pets might suffer uterine infections and breast cancers. Other problems that could arise include:

  • Prostate disorders can affect male pets.
  • When a female animal is in heat, she runs away or is hit by an automobile.
  • Female animals can become pregnant multiple times.
  • To indicate their territory, male cats will spray pee inside your home and surrounding your yard.
  • Male pets might mount things or other animals and possibly start a fight with them.