Pet Boarding At Fallbrook Animal Hospital

Our caring veterinarians will see to it that your pet has lots of one-on-one time, engaging playing, and nourishing meals. See below for additional information on our pet boarding options!

Pet Boarding

We provide pet boarding for dogs and cats. All boarders receive personal attention from our caring staff!

We are aware that giving up a pet is never simple. We want you to know that while they are with us, we are only concerned with their well-being. While there are many places where you may board your pet while you’re away, we believe that our kennel staff, which is overseen by a veterinarian, will go above and beyond to care for your pet.

Our kennel area is thoroughly cleaned each day so your pet may unwind in a hygienic setting. Prior to check-in, we demand current pet vaccines and an annual negative faecal test done for the safety of all of our pet guests. If your pet doesn’t have these shots up to date, they can be given along with an examination at the time of the boarding reservation.

Short term boarding

All of our boarding is indoors and under climate control. Our Fallbrook Animal Hospital Team takes all canines for three leash-free outdoor walks each day. To guarantee our visitors have a pleasurable and stress-free stay, we place a high value on personalised service.

Long term boarding

Throughout their stay, pets are observed by our boarding staff and medical staff. Changes in their behaviour eating, drinking, and urinating are carefully observed.

Boarding runs

We are aware that when you board your cat, you want to be sure that your four-legged family member is both secure and at ease. We work hard to make your pet’s stay at Fallbrook Animal Hospital feels like a home away from home.